The Bedside Voyeur (e-Book)                           
Release Date: October 20, 2014

Everyone likes a good quickie. 

The Bedside Voyeur has eight scorching short stories with an intriguing variety of moods. 
From first time to last time, stranger to lover, fun to obsession… these stories explore it all. 

The battle lines are drawn – without a word, in Silent Rivals. 
The Couch Affaire proves that interior decorating is more than just an aesthetic pleasure. 
Who says Dinner Conversation has to be boring? Not this couple! 

Enjoy these and five more sexy stories. There’s something for just about everyone. 
Go on. Take a peek. You know you want to.

Naughty Naughty Mattress Monkey (e-Book)   Release Date: March 20, 2015

Viola Winters has finally settled into a peaceful life after years of dealing with emotional instability. As the live-in housekeeper of a very busy globe-trotter, she has a swanky address, really great coffee, and quiet mornings.


Except for this one.


Hank Dresden (aka Hank the Hunk) is a little cranky. He was just helping out his brother with a little remodeling while James was away on a business trip. So maybe he did swing his hammer a little early (ahem)... he had no idea it would bring on a sexy, mouthy woman in a soaked shirt... or a house fire!


With the interference of their match-making brothers - and the help of two very naughty sock monkeys - Viola and Hank discover the sparks that fly between them cause a whole different kind of fire. But Viola's much more fragile than she seems, and Hank's never been known for mincing words.


If Viola gives her heart to Hank, will she get the happily-ever-after she never dared hope for? Or will she lose the security and peace she's finally achieved?

By Ellay Branton:


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